Building Licensing and Control System

The Building Licensing and Control System is a system that local governments need and contributes to the progress and completion of the process electronically without the stakeholders coming to the municipality.
If the owner of the building holds all the necessary documents at the first application, his application can be approved before going to the municipality again. Stakeholders follow the developments through the Stakeholder Interface and are constantly informed. Transactions made on the project can be instantly viewed by all the people involved in that project. The system has been developed as a Single Page Application (SPA) based product, which has a service based architecture approach, was created using new design methods.
Building License and Control System (BLCS), consists of layers as below;
Analysis, Design and Architectural Studies Layer,
Preliminary Definitions Layer,
Project Owner / Fenni Mesul Declaration Layer,
Project Application Layer,
In-House Interface Layer,
Stakeholder Interface Layer,
Integration Layer


Examples of Building License and Inspection System Screenshots:

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