Mobile Municipality

Reading Water Index, Marketplace Occupancy, Accrual / Collection, Parkin  Services

We all know how hard to handle the operations like Reading Water Index,
Marketplace, Parking Services, etc..

Do you want a simple solution for these operations ? Make theme easy
to handle and avoid the errors and save time and labor.

Now it’s possible to do this by Mobile Municipality.

Just one click and you can read and write indexes, manage marketplace occupancy and accrual / collection operations.

System is very user-friendly. It can be used just by a mobile tool and everyone can use it even unqualified ones.By just one staff and now you can manage all your works.

How does Water Index Reading System works?

You can upload any subscriber by just plugging the tool to the computer.

You can write notices by the help of portable printer.

When you finish reading indexes you can upload the latest values to the system and they become ready for collection by the accrual process.

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