OLGU e-Mayor

OLGU “e-Mayor” is a mobile applications for mayors. Mayors or other authorized government officials are capable of doing their duties mobile when they are away from the office. They can reach their crucial datas from everywhere without any need of computer just by their smart-phones or tablets.






Functions of e-Mayor :


  • Income Status:Details of information about income, status and details of accural and revenues can be listed.
  • Expense Status:Details about all expenses are listed.


Human Resources:

  • Officials:Government officials can be listed and details like wage or any personel informations can be reached if wanted.
  • Contracted Personnel:Contracted personnels in municipality and the information about them can be listed.
  • Staff:All the staff in municipality can be listed. Also any information about them can be reached.


Financial Status:

  • Summary:Summarized information about cash, debts and receivables are displayed along with the pie and bar charts.
  • Cash Status:Total value with the deatils of treasury, bank and cash statements are displayed along with charts.
  • Debts: Details about debts are listed.
  • Receivables: All receivables are listed with details.

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