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Smart City Management Information Systems

Today, 54 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. Bringing technological solutions to governance of cities is a must nowadays.

Smart City MIS was developed for the need of information systems in municipalities.OLGU AKSys is an integrated system with Geographic Information System (GIS), Document Management, OLGU CRM | Citizen Relationship Management and Web technologies.

OLGU AKSys Basic Features:

Compatibility to Legal Statue: All operations about local government services are faster, safer and more correct through modules that include legal statue provisions and work full automatically without permitting to personnel to use initiative.

Fast Adaptation to Legislation Change: Legislation changes are followed from official journal and changes that should be applied to the program are done as soon as possible according to the scale of the changes and are loaded to local governments by using internet connection, instantly.

High Data Security: There is an authorization and security structure that can be determined in detail the basis of user for all  processes (data entry, update, delete, query, etc.)

Automatic Accounting: Accruement, receiving, postponement, waived, offsetting, revision, bill, payroll, etc are entered into  accounting account automatically.

Scalability: OMIS can be applied to all local governments include smallest town local government and biggest or metropolis local  governments.

Modularity: According to feature and size of the local government, if required, instead of all modules, just important and necessary modules for related local government can be used.

Unique Citizen Register: All operations about local government service are implemented over unique citizen register.

Unique Real Estate Register: All operations about local government service are implemented over unique real estate register.

Unique Database: There is a common unique database structure that is used by all modules.

Unique Data Entry: There is a data processing structure that does not permit repetitions and provide usage by all modules when data is entered at first time.

Integrated Structure: One process in a unit of local government affects other related processes in other units through integrated and interactive automation structure automatically and synchronously.

Integration Between Municipals: Common citizen and real estate register can be used by using online connections between metropolitan municipalities and metropolis local governments.

Full Support to Management Decisions: There is opportunity that administrators can reach all information that they need to make decision about local government services whenever and the way they want.

Easy Usage: User interface structure that accordance with the Windows standards and can be used and learned by personnel easily.

Detailed Reporting(Audit Log): There is opportunity to monitor and supervision all kinds of process in local government through all kinds of detailed query screens and reports.

Interactive Municipal Work: Transparent municipal work opportunity that citizen can perform all needed processes about municipal services on the internet by himself/herself interactively.

Compatibility to Geographic Information System: Data sharing by using CAD and GIS application with database management system (DMS) usage and ODBC connection property.

OMIS Modules:


Citizen/ Corporate Operations

Reconstruction and Numbering


Various Services

Subscriber Management Information System

Account Operations

Personnel Operations


Vehicle Management

Public – Private Sector Integration

CRM- Citizen Relations Management

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Geographic Information System – GIS


System Management

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